What is Angel Therapy?

With alternative therapies like Reiki, Pranic healing, crystal healing et al becoming increasingly popular, people are discovering an array of treatments that had been unknown to them. The benefits of alternative healing methods are innumerable and what attracts people to them is that there are no side effects.

Angel therapy too can be described as a new age therapy that is based on the principle that communicating with angels facilitates healing. Angel therapists heal their patients by guiding them in the right direction, which is done through the assistance of angels and angelic messages. Angel therapy assists a patient in getting in touch with his/her guardian angel who advises them and shows them the correct path. However, it is important to remember that angels merely guide and not make the decisions. Therefore, the healing would depend on whether the patient chooses to implement the advice meted out. Simply listening to the advice will not be effective. The patient is the decision maker and effectively the catalyst who onsets the healing process. The therapist is merely a conduit.

Angel therapy is centered on the belief that angels always have our best interest and higher good in mind. These messengers of God bring unconditional love, compassion, and wisdom into our lives. One only needs to ask them for help and they are ready to guide us. They watch over us and protect us from grave dangers. If angels sense that a perilous situation is in the offing, they will give us a warning sign. How receptive we are to the sign, and whether we heed or ignore the message, is left to our better judgment. Angels do not interfere with free will and if we mess up it’s completely our doing.

Often, we get a sudden insight into a niggling problem or are inspired to do something creative on a whim. What we put down to intuition and suddenness is actually guidance that is being doled out by these beings of light.

Angel therapy is based on the underlying notion that by establishing a channel of communication with the angelic realm, it is possible to recognize and heal several ailments.  The manner in which the therapy is conducted i.e., the procedure style varies from therapist to therapist. Every angel therapists has their own way of expression and there is no established procedural norm. Each session is unique and individualistic and draws from the energy fields that make up the session, which basically means the therapist, patient, and angel dynamics for that particular session. Even for the same patient no two sessions are similar. Every session has something different to offer.

In angel therapy either the therapist establishes the connection between the angels and the patient, acting as a bridge, or the patients themselves attempt to connect with the angels under the therapist’s guidance.

Angel therapy is not just limited to healing the body on a physical and spiritual plane. It also focuses on helping an individual rid himself/herself of self-destructive habits. The guidance and insights that angels give during a session act as valuable tools, which in turn aid the healing process. Sometimes, the therapy may seek something as simple as seeking forgiveness or forgiving someone; getting rid of the emotional baggage that creates negativity and blocks the free flow of energy in the body. Often visualizations and guided meditations help the patient to converse with the angels.

Naysayers often pooh-pooh the existence of angels and some even denounce the therapy as being self-delusional. Some detractors even go to the extent of saying that these are “evil spirits” and the therapy is hogwash. However, many who have experienced the benefits of angel therapy first hand will vouch for its authenticity and benefits. Many people had shifted from traditional medicinal routes to angel therapy to counter and alleviate health issues. Supporters assert that even where modern medicine did not work, angel therapy showed immediate results.

Angel therapy enables one with the ability to better understand the subtle nuances that are at work. It awakens our spiritual consciousness and helps us connect to our inner and higher selves. Angel therapy is the harbinger of positivity and by removing blockages, helps us move on and not remain stuck in the undesirable.