Light Worker Healing/Angelic Medicine DNA Healing


This healing helps you to connect with the energy of Creator ! And your self, Guides, and Guardian Angels on many levels and in many ways. After receiving Angel healing, you will experience a strong connection with your Guardian Angels. You will also see a breakthrough or positive movement with issues you may be dealing with.

Healing  takes place in a very relaxing atmosphere with nature and crystals, and other healing tools. A crystals’ vibration will enable you to connect with your guardian angels and to attune to the Universal Energies, in order to receive guidance and healing and major Shifts.

Creator and Universal High Vibrational Energies will do healings such as chakra clearings, etheric cord cutting, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. This work and love is so profound. An Angel healing is deeply relaxing, and healing. You will Receive messages from Creator and your Higher self that will give you the direction  and a greater understanding of your purpose and  path.

Angel healing session include:

Soul Healing
DNA Healing117
Reiki Soul Healing
Crystal Healing
Clearing out old energy
Etheric cord cutting
Chakra Healing
Addictions and Negative Energy  lifting
Receiving messages from Creator
Connection to Higher Self and Guides
Past life healing  & Inner child Healing
Cosmic  Healing
Protection Healing

After payment confirmation, pleasae call to schedule your Angel Healing 808.221.9986

Angelic Medicine DNA Healing

$200.00 – Click Here to Schedule an Angel Healing.

PRIVATE HOUSE CALLS  $500.00 – Click Here for Angelic Healing House Calls.

GROUP HEALING  $200.00 EACH – Click Here for Angelic Healing Group.


Remote Angel Healing with Telephone Channeled Messages

Distant or remote healing and spiritual counseling sessions may be facilitated as easily as if the person were present. Susan uses her Medicine Gifts to bring forth Divine light and Healing energies.When the person in need of spiritual assistance and transformation, a healing is possible.

$150 – Click Here to Schedule a Remote Angel Healing.


Ascension Vibrational Healing

An Ascension healing is to free yourself from all burdens, traumas, stress, and find your true self to connect to your Higher self, Guides, Angels, loved ones, Creator, and Univers
This healing can really get you on track to change and shift your life very quick in the HIGHEST !      I will guide you on how to start incorporating changes in your life to shift and start Ascension energies.     

$600.00 – Click Here to Schedule a Ascension Healing.


Activating Light Body Healing  

Activating Lightbody Healing

Raise your Vibration to Heal FAST ! This Healing helps Release and Detox Negative Energies fast, and helps you Connect to Creator, and your Higher Self to Heal Traumas, and Diseases, Addictions and Fears.

* I recommend first healing be an Angel Healing and then this healing after that.

$200.00 – Click Here to Schedule a Activating Light Body Healing.



Healing and Dolphin Healing revised2019DolphinsSwim-(1)


In this healing  you will receive a full healing, before the swim with the Dolphins !


$400 – Click Here to Schedule a Dolphin Healing.




Reiki Distant Healing

Distant Reiki healing $100 – Click Here to Schedule a Reiki Session.







Home Clearing and Healing

Blessed HomeCleanse old Toxic Energies that has been left from past events or people !
A land healing and clearing is a series of techniques that I utilize to release old, unneeded energies and to bring in a sense of peace, prosperity, and happiness into a space. This can be done for a house, apartment, place of business, or piece of property.

• Create a more welcoming and comfortable environment in your home or property
• Cleanse old Toxic Energies that has been left from past events or people
• Enable the energies of health, prosperity, and happiness to flow more freely in your home or property
• Calm and heal unwanted spirit activity

Remote Distant Home Healing – $250.00 – Click Here to for Clearing & Healing

On Site Home Healing – $500 –  Click Here to for Clearing & Healing