Intuitive Guidance Readings

Susan’s Intuitive guidance will give you validation and clarity about your life. rainbow-angel

will also help you grow and transform.

Susan has studied  intensive communication with the Divine, Susan channels valuable information and guidance from  Creator, and your Higher Self !

After payment confirmation, pleasae call to schedule your Angel reading 808.221.9986.

Intuitive Guidance Readings

30 Minute Sessions – $100.00 – Click Here to Schedule a 30 Minute Session

This reading explores what the Creator and Angels want you to know, or answers any questions you have through Divine Guidance. Intend to receive an excellent reading Keep an open mind. Do your best to accept the guidance that comes through.

45 Minute Sessions – $150.00 – Click Here to Schedule a 45 Minute Session

This Reading is enlightening, giving insight into all aspects of your life. It is profound advice for the present, and great insight into the future. This Readings accommodates the needs of the clients who seek more guidance with a detailed reading that highlight the issues causing most concern. This Readings help give clarity to whatever is going on in your life at the time.

60 Minute Sessions – $200.00 – Click Here to Schedule a 60 Minute Session

This session gives us time to really get into your life and do a full reading on so many levels.  It really takes a full session to cover anything that needs changing in your life. It covers relationships, life purpose, health, finances, or anything that needs to be addressed.


Angel Parties

Susan Gemini - Angels In HawaiiWould you like to have a fun filled and insightful evening? How about an Angel Party? Get Angel readings in an intimate setting with friends or family. Angel parties can be events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, or simply a gathering of close friends.

At your event your guests will receive messages from their guardian Angels. They will experience messages from energies such as guardian Angels that have been around them their entire lives, and messages about how to receive more of what you desire such as life purpose, direction,, life partner, health, etc.

So schedule an Angel party now and discover the messages the Angels have for you and your friends or family.

1 Hour $500

2 Hour $800

Call 808-221-9986

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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings will help give you validation and clarity about your life.

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