Angel Workshops

Would you like to have a fun filled and insightful day or evening? How about hosting an Angel Party to receive readings or an Angel Workshop? Get Angel readings in an intimate setting with friends or family or learn techniques from these powerful workshops. These can be for events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, or simply a gathering of close friends.
$555 for 3 people

$999  for 6 people

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Angels, Archangels Workshop


Chakra Healing Workshop


Angel Medicine Healing Workshop


Mediumship Workshop


Channeling Angels


Angel Card Reading Workshop


Wanting to Get Certified?

Angel_Intuitive_Certification_WebAngel Intuitive Practitioner Certification

In this extensive workshop you will learn to open up your psychic abilities, connect with Angels and Archangels, and be more clairvoyant to work with the Archangels and Angels all around you.  You will be certified to give angel healings, readings, chakra healings and energy healings. You also will learn how to channel. These workshops will change your life.  It will empower you to become a spiritual healer to heal yourself, your family, friends and even clients. You will learn how to heal yourself and others, using powerful energies that raise your vibrations to heal diseases and relieve stress. The workshops will help you manifest prosperity and abundance in your life. . Susan will teach you how to be intuitive and strengthen your connection to Creator. You will learn to use your Angels, higher self , and Creator to do readings and healing work.

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Reiki Certifications

Learn about Reiki in this workshop. Reiki is a universal life force. As a Reiki Practioner you will learn to remove disease components held in the body, mind, emotions, and soul of others. During a reiki treatment, reiki practitioners are able to channel the energy from their crown to their heart and out through their hands. This is electromagnetic energy. All living things have this energy. When you learn reiki  you can heal yourself and others.

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Private Courses also available.

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High Heart Medicine Practitioner Certification

Become a High Heart Medicine Healer. Susan Gemini Angel In Hawaii will certify you to become a Heart Therapy Practitioner and also a Romance therapist to work with clients High Heart. You will be able to heal people who have experienced a blow to the heart and hearts in deep pain. You will learn how to do High Heart Medicine Surgery and how to work directly with Creator to heal anything from, Disease, Depression, and anything else that is keeping you or a Client from pure Love, joy, prosperity and finding your romance and twinflame!

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