Group Angel Healing by Susan Gemini

Distant Healing Angel Reading Chakra Clearing

An Angel healing session includes:

  • Angel healing
  • Angel therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki  DNA Healing- Master level
  • Clearing out old energyalohastreet-picture6
  • Etheric cord cutting
  • Chakra clearing
  • Addiction and curse lifting
  • Code cutting
  • Receiving messages from Angels
  • Inner child therapy
  • Past life healing
  • Intuitive development
  • Chakra balancing
  • Aura balancing Protection
  • Clearing Abuse
  • Angel Medicine Surgery
  • Aura Chakra clearing

Aura ChakrasAngel healing helps you to connect with the energy of your guardian Angels and Archangels on many levels and in many ways. After receiving Angel healing, you will experience a strong connection with your guardian Angels. You may also see a breakthrough or positive movement with issues you may be dealing with.


Archangel healings and Archangel therapy takes place in a very relaxing atmosphere with crystal therapy.  A crystals’ vibration will enable you to communicate with your guardian angels and to attune to the universal energy, in order to receive guidance and healing.

The Archangels come one by one to do specific healings such as chakra clearings, etheric cord cutting, physical, spiritual, and emotional healings on a client. This work and love is so profound. An Angel healing is deeply relaxing and will give you the direction you seek and a greater understanding of your spiritual path.


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