What is Angel Healing?

September 24th, 2014 by admin

Life is not a bed of roses and is strewn with several thorns along the way. We often face difficult, seemingly unresolvable situations that overpower our being; circumstances that test our strength and grit, urging the warrior in us to plod on relentlessly. Angels are invisible messengers that guide uson this voyage, helping us in silent ways as we journey through the vagaries of life. Angel healing is perhaps akin to a tool that aids inner transformation.

Sometimes, in a weak moment, we cave in and give up on our dreams, our beliefs. All that we trust infades into oblivion when an unpleasant event handicaps our senses. When anesthetized by pain, reason melts away into the doubting shadows that lurk everywhere. It is in moments and times like these that Angels take us under their wing and help ease the pain.

Angel healing involves communicating and connecting with the winged messengers. Calling upon them in times of distress to show us the way and help us heal. How the communication happens is an extremely personal experience. There are no set ways of establishing communion. One can sense the presence of angels, even hear, or see them. There’s a sense of knowing which cannot be phrased or explained. The veil between our world and that of angels is very thin. All one has to do is ask for help and it is given. It is really that simple.

The universe is made up of energy; everything around us is pulsating with life. Nothing is inanimate. One has often heard the phrase “ask the universe and it will be given”. Angel healing operates in a similar manner, when we ask the divine beings for help or guidance we are opening up a channel for communication. An invisible cord is established between the angelic dimension and ours. This threadbinds us in its silvery web, showing us the path we need to tread. The communications come as signs– it could be a dream, something as tangible as a feather, or even in the form of a phantom voice thatgives us the answers. One does not need to be psychic or clairvoyant to embrace these signs. Being open to the experience suffices.

Once a channel of communication has been established with the angels and archangels, the process of transformation and healing becomes easier. When we speak of healing we do not mean health issues alone, healing also means freeing oneself of emotional baggage and setbacks. For any transformation to take place one needs to declutter and change existing thought patterns which are holding one back. In fact as research has proven many health ailments have their roots in negative thought patterns.

Angel healing does not always revolve around mind, body, or spirit alone. Sometimes, it can also revolve around banalities of life. Making a life-changing decision or choosing a particular path is equally important and we often find ourselves in a quandary. Calling upon angels for guidance in such a situation can be helpful. Angels not only guide, but also protect, inspire, and shield individualsfrom psychic attacks.

Angel healing is beneficial in several ways. For instance it can help an individual rid himself/herself of undesirable habits which are self-destructive in essence. Angels, if called upon and asked to intervene, they can help improve relationships and will even aid in absolving financial issues that weigh one down.

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